Car after Violent Tornado

Tornadoes vs. Cars

While cars can be used to get out of the path of a tornado, they are not necessarily safe havens within one. The more violent the tornado, the worse damage it can do to autos. The most intense tornadoes can fling vehicles for hundreds of yards and, as in this example, mangle them into nearly unrecognizeable heaps and wrap them around trees. If this car had contained a driver or passengers, they likely would have perished. While most tornadoes are not this extreme, one cannot judge the strength of a tornado by appearances alone. It is best to find safer shelter in a permanent building first, or if the tornado is visible and far away, drive at right angles and out of the way of the tornado. Overpasses offer no extra protection and have proved to be deadly in tornadoes! If caught in a car when a tornado hits, remain belted in, and crouch as low as possible away from windows and windshield. Survival is not guaranteed.