For Contributions to This FAQ

Thanks to the following for their logistical help, contributed data, illustrations, and/or critical suggestions so far (alphabetical order):
    Howard Blum, Mike Branick, Harold Brooks, Chris Cappella, Greg Carbin, Charlie Crisp, Hugh Crowther, Chuck Doswell, Dave Floyd, David Fogel, Doris and Tom Grazulis, Gary Grice, John Hart, Dave Imy, Mike Kay, John Jarboe, Ryan Jewell, Chris Landsea, Jeff Last, Jim Leonard, Dan McCarthy, Bill McCaul, Dan Miller, Vince Miller, NCDC, Paul Nelles, NWS (Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, Minneapolis, Norman, St. Louis), NSSL, Jeff Passner, David Reynolds, Tim Samaras, Joe Schaefer, Russ Schneider, Paul Sirvatka, Doug Speheger, Greg Stumpf, Frank Tatom, and Rich Thompson. Thanks most to all those citizens who have e-mailed questions like these to the author, and thereby created the demand and Q&A sources for the FAQ. Special appreciation also goes to all those whose scientific research has helped in formulating answers to these questions.

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