SPC Fire Weather Graphics

The top two tables contain fire weather graphic products based on output from the Eta model and are produced once daily from the 0000 UTC model run.

Eta graphics were last updated at:

04/20/10 0314 UTC

Information on the Eta Model Initial Hour (00 UTC): 24 Hour Forecast 48 Hour Forecast
Surface Temp/Wind/RH
Wind/RH 0-1000 Kft
Wind/RH 1000-2000 Kft
Wind/RH 2000-3000 Kft
Wind/RH 3000-4000 Kft
Wind/RH 4000-5000 Kft
Wind/RH 5000-6000 Kft
SPC Lower Atmos. Stability Index (LASI)
Best Lifted Index and CAP
Storm Motion
Cloud Cover


Model change fields 00-24 Hr. Changes 24-48 Hr. Changes
Temp (F)
RH (%)
Wind Speed (MPH)
Sfc. Pressure (mb)

The table below contains graphics based on the RUC model and these are updated throughout the day:

RUC graphics were last updated at:

07/19/24 0216 UTC

Western U.S. Dry Thunderstorm Graphics 00-Hour 03-Hour 06-Hour 09-Hour 12-Hour
Information about these products.


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